Secure online banking and family budget management.

Simple, confidential and secure

logiciel sécurisé comptabilité

Open an account on Konteo is free and without any obligation!

Strong points

Security and Privacy

  • Neutral and independent company
  • Hosted in Switzerland
  • SSL / HTTPS encrypted navigation
  • Encrypted data in database


  • Multi-Users
  • Estimated budget
  • PC / Tablet and Mobile Navigation

The small +

  • Permanent Updates
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Very secure
  • Daily backups

Your strictly confidential financial data is stored encrypted with a private key that is unique to you.

We are a neutral company, your personal data stored in Switzerland will never be sold to third parties.

Only the e-mail address, a surname and first name are required to open an account.

If you delete your user account on Konteo, all your data will be deleted too. The backup data is also destroyed after 7 days. You can feel confident with us!

Here is an example, the sum 154.48 is stored as “m2mppJhDGRa7XuGJRon6wAyDFn8CLyHRndgx5ZsQ” in the database!

No one can read this information except you!

Rates (EUR)

Rates (CHF)