Secure online banking and family budget management.

Simple, confidential and secure

logiciel sécurisé comptabilité

Open an account on Konteo is free and without any obligation!

Strong points

Security and Privacy

  • Neutral and independent company
  • Hosted in Switzerland
  • SSL / HTTPS encrypted navigation
  • Encrypted data in database


  • Multi-Users
  • Account sharing between users
  • Estimated budget
  • PC / Tablet and Mobile Navigation

The small +

  • Permanent Updates
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Very secure
  • Daily backups

Exclusive Konteo user account sharing feature!
Share the joint account with someone in your family so that everyone can enter or point a transaction for example.

Budget planning thanks to the envelope system.
A unique concept in Konteo, envelopes allow you to set money aside regularly for recurring expenses. The balance of these envelopes is taken into account in the forecast calculation, so you know exactly how much you can spend in a month!

Confidentiality above all!
Only your email address is needed to create your profile on Konteo.
No personal data is requested, no automatic renewal of your subscription, no credit card data is saved on our servers.

We are a neutral company, your personal data stored in Switzerland will never be sold to third parties.

If you delete your Konteo user account, all your data will be deleted as well. Backup data is also destroyed after 7 days. You can feel confident with us!

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